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JWI Properties buys all types of houses. We work with home owners looking to sell their property for fast cash. Some of these situations might include:

* Relocating to another city or state

* Facing foreclosure because of delinquent mortgage payments

* Needing to liquidate assets due to divorce, medical bills, or other cash need

* Wanting to sell a property inheritance quickly

* Not having the money or desire to make necessary home repairs

* Getting rid of problematic rental property

Regardless of your reason for wanting to sell your house, you should understand that you are not the first person to be in this situation. We have helped many people in your same situation.

No. There are no fees involved at all. This is why we pay you cash. There are no fees or hidden costs hidden in the fine print. The offer we agree to is what we pay you and nothing less.
We don’t make any commission from buying a house from you.
Unlike traditional realtors, we don’t charge ANY commission for the property we acquire.
Not only will we make you an offer, but we will help you avoid foreclosure. Our real estate professionals have experience dealing with these scenarios. We have built long-term relationships with the leading financial institutions; therefore, we are in a better position to help you avoid foreclosure.
Our process is fast. Our goal is to offer you a fair solution to your problem in the shortest time possible. We understand the urgency of financial constraints. We know how difficult it can be to sell your house to avoid a mortgage default or bankruptcy.
No. You are in control of the entire process. There is no legal obligation to accept our offer if you are not satisfied. We’re not here to take advantage of you but to turn your situation into a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Yes. We buy houses that are rented or owner occupied. In some situations we will buy the house and keep the tenants. Please do let us know as somebody might pass by the house to take a look at its exterior. If there is somebody inside, they might get surprised to see someone inspecting the house.
Contact us! We are here to help, and the sooner we can get started the better for you! We want to get you out of this current stressful situation and get you started on a new path with cash in your pockets. You are not the only one going through this situation, in fact tens of thousands of people are forced to sell their house every year. Don’t fight this battle alone, enlist the help of a JWI Properties to get rid of your problem and get paid.
If you’re a homeowner and you need to sell your property in the shortest time possible, look no further. We’re passionate about helping homeowners like you sell their houses for CASH, improving the property through rehab, and beautifying the surrounding community. We can close on your property and get you paid within a week. Through cash purchases and other creative strategies, we’re able to help people in any situation, even if you’re upside down on your property or about to go into foreclosure. We can help you get out of any situation fast. We helped many clients by even taking over payments.
If you’re a buyer looking to purchase a home to live in or to own as an investment, you’ve also come to the right place. We fix up properties with our own funding, and sell them to investors and retail buyers. We provide properties of superior quality throughout Tampa Bay and other parts of Florida at a deeply discounted rate, and in safe and quiet neighborhoods.

We also have Rent-to-Own properties available in the same safe and quiet neighborhoods. Rent-to-Own homes provide buyers-tenants and sellers-landlords additional options during questionable times for the market or the individual parties. The general agreement allows for a potential buyer, who may not have the capital to buy the house out-right or the credit to get a loan, to pay a deposit up-front, traditional rent and a rent premium and live in desired home immediately and be treated as a homeowner living the American dream.

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